Monday, February 20, 2006

I am having a tranquil day today, you guys. I'm off work and the girls are (gasp) at the babysitter's house running in a herd with her 3 kids. They're gone until 4. Do you hear me???? Four OH clock.

I was going to upload the bday pics today but there are so many- I have to pick through them, crop em, etc. I think I'm going to order one of these
pre-made photo books like ofoto has If you know somewhere better let me in on it, please dear. So I decided to chill on that and just piddle around doing some stuff I have been meaning to do but can't when there are 4 monkey paws grabbing and asking, "What's dat mommy?"

Wow. btw it snowed especially for the girls' party- it started lightly in the morning, picked up just enough to turn the world into a twinkly wonderland, then tapered off and didn't stick to the road. It stopped about 3:30. You can kind of see the melted result in the background of the cake pictures below.

Ok- you twisted my arm. I will show you a couple of photos. Here're my newly turned 3 year old children outside before church Sunday. Bob and Sue got them this princess blowup for outside the entrance to the palace.

And here are some precious princesses...Hannah, Ava, Lily, and Lauren (my sister's best friend's cutie.)

This is a photo of the turning point at which the party went from being a sedate affair to a rippin roarin good ole time. All children gathered round for the eating of the cupcakes- everyone got to pick their color and dig in. It was a food frenzy any barracuda would have been proud of.

That above photo is more pre destruction. All cupcakes were consumed as adults circled like so many paparazzi. A couple minutes after and BAM! the sugar buzz kicked in and they started partying like it was 1999.

A few rogue sugar fueled toddlers formed a gang and went around terrorizing adults with their orchestrated "sneak up and blow the screaming horn that unrolls really long" at peoples' butts, then shrieking in glee at the adults' dramatic reaction.

Pure fun people, pure fun I tell ya.


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