I wonder if they will follow me with a hidden camera.
Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Not to be crude, but Workmen's Comp can go stick its big fat head in a potty.

Can u believe they freakin called me today and gave me static man? Yes. The lady called and told me they had to take a recorded statement about what happened. I agreed. Ha.

She thought she was gonna set me up to get deprived of my daggon doctor's bill payment. After she asked to describe what happened she asked me if there was any defect with the stairs. What she don't know is that I watch Law and Order enough to answer her "I'm not a stair expert so I'm not at liberty to make that judgment ma'am." Then she asked if I saw anything on either of the stairs as I was going down before I fell. I was like "Um, I don't individually inspect each step as I'm descending stairs so I can't answer that."

Well, did you see anything on them after you fell?
"Let's see, I was laying on the floor in agonizing pain so I reeeeaaaaaaaallly didn't take the time to inspect the stairs as I crawled back to them to pull myself up on the railing. Ma'am."
What kind of shoes were you wearing?
"The regular kind."
What is regular?
"Leather. That's what I regularly wear."
How was the tread on them?
"Um, black and rubbery."
No, were they worn down?
"What are you trying to say?"
Nothing, was the tread worn or new?
And so on and so on until she gave up. With that.

Then she says -well, it sounds like this will not be a compensable injury.
Well, it has to be an accident.
"Do you think I would throw myself down the stairs and rip the ligaments in my ankle for a free pair of crutches?"
No, but it has to fit the definition to be paid.
"What's the definition."
It's on the paper.
"What paper?"
The one they gave you.
The school.
They didn't give me anything.
Well they should have.
Well they didn't.

Then I had to get really mean and tell her politely that she was really making me mad. Not to be rude to her but did she know that I waited for OVER 4 HOURS in agonizing shooting pain worse then a C Section thinking my ankle might be broken bc they have a list of only certain doctors you're allowed to go to if you want workmen's comp to cover it. I fell at 11:30 and I had to wait to see the doctor at 3:30 which was the soonest. One told me to come the next day.

THEN she said well ok we'll pay for the first visit only.
I had to break it down Law and Order style for her.

She ended up telling me they would order the records and investigate and call the school to check the stairs.
I asked her if she thought that if there was something on the stairs yesterday, it would still be there when they investigated. How were they going to recreate the scene exactly as it happened?

No answer.
YEAH that's what I thought.

So, we'll see. I called the doctor's office and they said "Oh don't worry, it will be covered."

I mean I understand people try to like rip them off and stuff but come on.

Give me a break.
No, don't please. (groan)


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Excellent, love it! » » »

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