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Monday, February 06, 2006

This year's party theme will be....

Disney Princesses!
Yes, keeping in line with all gender stereotypes, I decided we want the girls decided they want a princess party. I am now industriously, sometimes psychotically on a mission to ensure that this will be the best princess party in the history of the modern world. Ebay is my top resource but we have also gathered some goodies from Walmart. The challenge: make it awesome without breaking the pocketbook.

Stacy has just finished a cake decorating course & will be constructing
this beauty plus individual cupcakes with the princess theme.

Of course all attendees will be dressed in their princess attire. (or prince.)The girls get to re-use their supercool light up Cinderella dresses from Halloween.

Favor bags will rock- more details on that later.

Game- Pin the Tail on the Unicorn. You can only do so much with toddlers, really.

Quiz: What was last year's theme?- without cheating!

ps I am thinking about growing my hair out. How would that be? Or not.


pps have you given me your opinion yet re: the wheel thing? If not please scroll down and verbalize your feelings. gracias.


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