Thursday, February 02, 2006

Here is one of my problems. I am horrible at multi tasking in my life. I have a horrible tendency to launch full throttle into something new and neglect almost everything else. Having kids has somewhat abaited this trait since they have to eat every so often and be bathed and played with regularly or they yell.

So what I do is like get obsessed with something and forget about other things I need to do. Not like specifically at one moment but like all day every day for however long until I get tired of the thing or find a new obsession. I know it doesn't sound possible really but that's how my brain works. Like if I start a new diet I will forget to do laundry for like a week. Yes I know- laundry is a pretty obvious thing and you would think that tripping over piles of clothes in my room would jog my memory, but no. It's just that all of a sudden I realize that I have nothing to wear.

Or like right now it's a few main things at the forefront of my brain and everything else is like, waaaaaaay back there. At the top of my mental Rolodex right now are:

  1. my diet
  2. my kids' birthday party
  3. my class
Not necessarily in that order- they rotate given the time and place.

(Oh yeah another reason I have been swamped these days is that I am taking a Master's Course in Educational Technology. We have a massive assignment due every Wednesday or Friday now. I forgot to tell you that I think.)

So I will obsess over the bday party til it's over, then something else will take its' place. Or when there's a class assignment due it's the only thing I can think about til I get it done. I think it's because I don't do alot of things, I do a few things to a psychotically perfectionist tee. Everything else may look like bomb blew up but the current "brainthing" will be of superior quality.

FOCUS k8 focus. May be I should make a list. OMgootness I'm becoming my mother.

Being an adult is highly overrated. Except the having kids part, that's cool.

The end.

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