Friday, February 17, 2006

Things are progressing rapidly here at Party HQ. I am franticly searching for all the stuff I have been buying here and there- plastic forks, napkins, plates, etc.
Here's what will be going in the favor bags:bday 017

I am so proud of myself for the bags...I edited a Princess graphic with each girl's name and then made them into stickers w my scrapbooking sticker machine. I got the bags 2 for a buck and the ribbons 4 for a buck.
The little bottle is Princess shampoo I got in sets of two and I love the little crowns on top!

I have been scouring America for anything Princess related. I hit the jackpot with the jewelry sets - they are like 8.99 at Walmart and I got em for 2 dollars each. Yes, it's a splurge but a small party as well. I think the kids will love it.

My mom is a master flower arranger and another idea I had was to make a big bouquet of greenery with the little balloons on sticks from ebay but this week they emailed me to say they couldn't get them anymore. So last night I was excited to find princessy wands at the dollar store. I bought some for my mom to use instead. I want it to look like a bouquet of roses except with wands. This picture's kind of blurry.
bday 013
Note: My mother saw this and wanted me to inform you that the greenery is not arranged yet.

Okay, off to the pink glitter trenches.


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