Monday, May 29, 2006

One of the major parenting issues I have is suppressing my laughter at the naughty yet freakin hilarious children when they come out with some crazy comment, or repeat something they heard you say. Lily has an obsession with the words "butt" and "poop." She loves the shocked gasps that using either word gets from old and young alike. And when you combine them- oh! the horror. "Poopy butt" is like the top one I think. What she actually does is just randomly substitute them for regular words in a conversation to see what will happen, then sits back and enjoys the results.

Me: What would you like from McDonald's Lily, nuggets or burger?
L: French fries and POOPY BUTT NUGGETS!!!!
Me: "_________________" Fill in this blank with 2 answers- what I should have said/done and what I actually said/did.

Lawd, sometimes I honestly wonder if this what they're asking me now, what are they going to be asking me 10 years from now? No, perish the thought.

Went to the annual Memorial Day picnic thing for our church. Pictures of the cutest poohbears here.

And then here are some other pics of em I took the other day. Sorry I am too lazy to edit them tonight. Can you find the bunny?

I am working up the nerve to tell you about the disastrous experience I have had with B/c it's over now- I cancelled my membership. yikes.


ps if you havent yet, check out the movie i made right below this post and turn your volume up for full effect.


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