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Sunday, October 29, 2006


As if any store or internet costume can compete with a good ole fashioned home sewn one. Or two in this case.

We took the girls to the this Halloween /Fall Party thing the local YMCA had at a camp near here and I didn't know beforehand they were gonna have a "costume parade" which really means CONTEST. I wanted to go bc they were having a moonbounce and games and a hayrides and whatnot.

Anyway the girls had specifically requested to be "happy girl clowns" for Halloween. Aunt Sue who can sew like nobody's beeswax made them costumes. When we got there I looked around and they were the only ones w homemade costumes- everybody else was storebought and plastic-y. They were obviously the cutest. Hands down.

wee so cute.

(On Halloween I'm gonna do their makeup more but for today I figured just the minimum cuz they would be bouncing, running etc. Also you can't see in these pics but they have bloomers underneath that match the collars.)

Imagine my disgust when a cute yet albeight PREPACKAGED STOREBOUGHT costume won the prize. What is wrong with our society people????!!!! Have they no appreciation for a costume that actually took time and love to make and didn't come pre-assembled with hair attached?????!!! And 2 of them nonetheless???!!! (shakes fist and gestures wildly like a disgusted crazywoman)

wild clowns on patrol.

I will set these two rabid sugerhyped monkey clowns loose on their unappreciative bee-hinds. Then they'll be sorry.

(btw I know I sound like a berserk pageant mother whose kids forgot to give big jazzhands and lost the 6 foot trophy but I don't care.)

ps the prizes sucked anyway.


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