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Sunday, October 29, 2006


As if any store or internet costume can compete with a good ole fashioned home sewn one. Or two in this case.

We took the girls to the this Halloween /Fall Party thing the local YMCA had at a camp near here and I didn't know beforehand they were gonna have a "costume parade" which really means CONTEST. I wanted to go bc they were having a moonbounce and games and a hayrides and whatnot.

Anyway the girls had specifically requested to be "happy girl clowns" for Halloween. Aunt Sue who can sew like nobody's beeswax made them costumes. When we got there I looked around and they were the only ones w homemade costumes- everybody else was storebought and plastic-y. They were obviously the cutest. Hands down.

wee so cute.

(On Halloween I'm gonna do their makeup more but for today I figured just the minimum cuz they would be bouncing, running etc. Also you can't see in these pics but they have bloomers underneath that match the collars.)

Imagine my disgust when a cute yet albeight PREPACKAGED STOREBOUGHT costume won the prize. What is wrong with our society people????!!!! Have they no appreciation for a costume that actually took time and love to make and didn't come pre-assembled with hair attached?????!!! And 2 of them nonetheless???!!! (shakes fist and gestures wildly like a disgusted crazywoman)

wild clowns on patrol.

I will set these two rabid sugerhyped monkey clowns loose on their unappreciative bee-hinds. Then they'll be sorry.

(btw I know I sound like a berserk pageant mother whose kids forgot to give big jazzhands and lost the 6 foot trophy but I don't care.)

ps the prizes sucked anyway.

"our mommy got married and now she's barfy and pissed all the time."
Tuesday, October 24, 2006


No you cannot see any pictures of me at the wedding yet bc in all the ones I have seen so far I look like a big fat heifer. Seriously. I mean I do normally hate all pictures of me but these are REEAAAAAAAALLLLLLLY bad. Maybe some relative or friend will turn up w/ one that isn't too completely disgusting to show you.

A good time was had by all but I was so freaking exhausted all I wanted to do was pass out and no- there was no honeymoon action you sickos. As soon as I hit the sheets I was out.

(Oh yeah I forgot to tell you what my 93 yr old grandma said when I told her the news, "Oh well, I guess they say try it before you buy it." GRANDMA???!!!!! yikes.)

I spoke too soon about the morning sickness but to make things worse it's all day and I can never actually barf I just feel like I'm gonna barf. And- tell me if this is normal- at night I get the most disgusting taste in my mouth like something metallic. It won't go away even when I brush my teeth and scrub my tongue like crazy. Then on top of all that when I do eat I can't eat anything I should eat that's healthy. I try I really do. But all I can eat is junky stuff I should not be eating- why???? Because I am gonna get fat again people, I can see that one coming. In case you're just tuning in here I lost 70 pounds this year and OMG I'm gonna gain it back bc when I try to eat a salad or veggies I gag and I end up drinking a milkshake cuz it's the only I can get in. And yes I'm taking prenatal vitamins. Holy double chin batman!

Anyway Hannah and Lily had a great time climbing up and down the staircase of the B and B where we had the reception and double fisting cheese cubes on those big frilly toothpicks.
behold the power of cheese.
My mom and her friends worked their heinies off fixing all the awesome food most of which I couldn't eat bc it made me ill.

chicken salad
ham biscuits
a slammin fruit tray
a big ole veggie tray
shrimp cocktail
chocolate fondue w strawberries and pound cake cubes

and don't forget the wedding cake- delicious- i did eat some of that. the topper is from my late grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary cake.


the end

Monday, October 16, 2006

Okay so you probably won't believe this but maybe you will- we were going to get married at Christmas time anyway. We just weren't gonna pop the news on anyone until like Thanksgiving.

It was October 5 - the day my special friend always comes to visit- always in the morning. Needless to say she didn't ever show up that day. Or on Thursday. On Friday I bought a test, and the rest as they say is history. I went Saturday and bought another test just to make sure.

How did this happen? I mean I know HOW but I have PCOS and they (the doctors) couldn't believe it before when I got pregnant because my ovaries are so wacked out. And now, accidentally, so fast???

Don't get me wrong I am happy, even if that's bad to say. I don't feel like it's a mistake at all, even though it wasn't on purpose. And I think it's a boy.

I feel nothing like I did when I was pregnant with the girls. Then, I was completely exhausted from the getgo - so much that I would fall asleep on my desk at work. But I didn't even think about the possibility of being pregnant- I thought I had cancer or something bc I never got morning sickness, just felt like I could barely move. I didn't know I was pregnant with them until I was already in the last week of the first trimester.

I'm a little tired but nothing like the first time. And this time I do feel a little nauseous in the am, not like vomitty- just queasy and it goes away if I eat something bland.

More about this and the wedding details soon I promise.

Thanks so much for all the happy wishes and congratulations. I really do love Scott, he loves me, and we're both excited about the baby, who by the way should arrive the middle of June if everything goes smoothly! I love all you guys.


a wee bit of data for the few faithfuls who still read my semi-abandoned blog...
Saturday, October 14, 2006

i'm getting married next friday.

and yes,i'm pregnated.

no, stacy, dad will not be carrying a shotgun.

Please keep all of us in your prayers!


i think about you often...
Thursday, October 05, 2006

...but i never actually have enough time to sit down and write out everything i think of.

The girls' behavior problem in school has not completely vanished but has improved. They had/have a problem with sitting down flat in their chairs, talking too much, interrupting etc. The worst is that when the teacher tries to discipline Lily- like talk to her when she's naughty, Lily starts singing really loud so she doesn't have to hear it. yikes! (Stop laughing.)

Yes, I am still seeing the "meat man" as he has been nicknamed by friends and family. And yes, the joke possibilities are limitless there.

Last night as I was tucking the girls in and saying good night they looked so incredibly precious I just had to preserve the moment...



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