Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dude. Having gestational diabetes is sooooooooooo freaking miserable.

They tested me earlier this time since I had it so bad before. In case you've never been pregnated, what you have to do is go to the doctor's office and drink this cup of thick orange flavored syrup then sit in the waiting room reading old TIME magazines and pregnancy magazines with pictures of skinny glamorous models who are pregnant but who look like they only have half a basketball glued to their guts instead of looking like a regular fat pregnant chick.

Then after an hour, when your self esteeem is already lowered and you feel like crud, they call you back and jab you with a needle, then they tell you you can't eat anything else yummy or delicious til the baby exits the premises, plus you will have to prick yourself several times a day and report the figures back to them.

Last time I had to go on the needle (insulin) ASAP but luckily it's not that bad yet this time. I have been controlling it thru food so far. Which means I can't have anything good with flour or sugar in it basically. No cake no cookies no goodies. No pasta no rice no nothing. Really it's less about sugar and more about carbs which turn into sugar when u eat em. So it's like being on the Atkins Diet involuntarily. Of course they make alot more sugar free stuff nowadays but even still you can't pig out. One serving of SF cookies is only maybe 3 or 4. k8 wants 10 or 12.

I should be used to this from before but I think my brain blocked out all the negative stuff. I had forgotten how it feels to be in the grocery store and gaze longingly at the Entenmann's snack cakes whilst knowing we cannot be together.

Which brings me to the conclusion that I feel extreme amounts of sympathy for people who have diabetes all the time, not just while they are pregnant. At least I have a light at the end of the tunnel. I would lose my mind to think that I couldn't ever eat any yummy stuff ever again.

The only good part is that maybe this diet will keep me from gaining any more weight. I am very proud of myself thus far- I have gained just 18 pounds. Which seems like alot but take into consideration that last time I was prego I gained over 80. Yikes.

Off to eat some delicious sugar free Jello now. Toodles.



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