Tuesday, August 07, 2007

i had to break down and get a new digital camera even though i can't really afford it. i've been using my mom's almost new one and i've been scared to death that i will forget and leave it in monkey reach and one of them will seek and destroy.

i got the fuji finepix A800 bc i love me some fuji finepix cameras. some people hate them but it's the only kind i've ever had so i just upgrade to the new model when the old one dies. this one has alot of cool new features and is super easy to use. also it's about 2/3 the size of my old one and alot thinner and lighter so i was pleasantly surprised with that.

you know when you get a new camera you want to take pictures? the monkeys were spending the night at bob and sue's last night so i went around my house and took some random pictures of stuff. have a look.

here's what i bought at walmart yesterday. it was the first time i had been back since the incident. no one threw me up against the wall and frisked me, darnitall.
inside walmart bag

here's my willow tree people on my living room mantel.
willow tree

this is a purple butterfly bag my mommy bought me to carry my work laptop bc the case they give you is like, so unfashionable. no really, it's heavy and it hurts my back. (i'm a travelling salesman teacher.)
the thing it's hanging on is supposed to be a wine rack but i got it on clearance (preassembled- thank goodness bc i'm assembly disabled) and it's now a shoe cubby.

laptop transport

some kid was laying on my living room floor so i took his picture too.
happy baby

and lastly here's a shelf in my fridge door. i would show you the whole inside of my fridge but i don't want to scare you. no seriously. note the big unidentified blob at bottom left.
fridge shelf

today is big people happy day. scott and i are going to the beach ALONE.


the end.


Blogger Judy said...

Have some fun at the beach!

12:51 PM

Blogger Tee said...

If your comments have dwindled don't think it's because you're unpopular. LOL. I had a horrible time finding your comments area. I wonder if others can't find them as well?

I had to click the time stamp/permanent link to get to comments.

Your fridge door looks like mine. I hate my fridge door. They should make little garage doors that slide down and cover all that stuff. It's so ugly. :P

2:38 PM


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