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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

(ok, so remember how i was talking about getting paid for blogging? i joined pay per post and although i perused the offers available i hadn't taken advantage of any but i got an email with an offer for me to review a website so... what the heck!)

it's actually a really cool site for private number plates and i know it's useful bc our state has a similar system to get personalized license plates. it's called northumbria numbers and you type in the plate you want and it gives you lots of available combinations. they have a lot of other driver services available too. if you want to sell a number they might buy it from you! one thing i noticed is they have their actual phone number available unlike lots of sites that only give you an email address for questions or service.

when it comes to private number plates i especially like this page where you can see the actual plat
e- this is what my state has - it's great to see the actual plate before you get it so you know how it looks.

i have a personalized plate and so does my hubby so i'm a little prejudiced, but the site is easy to use and offers a wonderful service.

anybody want to guess what my plates say?

ps check out my monkey craft slideshow down below, k?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

reverse phone lookup

8:15 PM


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