what if he's sending some bizarro subliminal message?
Monday, July 16, 2007

normally i only let the girls watch noggin. then we branched out into playhouse disney and now discovery kids. what i do is dvr the shows they like so i can use them in a moment of crisis. their faves right now are berenstain bears, caillou, charlie and lola, and higglytown heroes, (which drives me nutty btw.)

now we add to the list, though, Hip Hop Harry. they were watching something else and it went off then this show came on. they were glued to the tv, hypnotized with those swirly pinwheels in their eyes.

then it got me too. you can't help it. it's so cheesy you don't realize they're teaching you something. it puts you in a hip hop trance.

the thing is, WHO is in the suit??!!

the whole time i'm watching Harry dance i'm wondering what the person looks like in there and if they're sweating their hiphopheiny off inside that big yellow contraption.

also, if they can dance that good with a fifty pound rapper bear suit on, how well can they dance without the suit? dag, you know they can bust a move.


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