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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

i'm a gonna keep on posting til my blog gets fixed. cuz i'm getting a cool new custom design by a super cool person but it's a secret right now. bwah ha ha.

besides, i must tell you that

a. travis gained 1 pound per week for three weeks- at his 1 month checkup the little porkpie weighed 11 pounds. i asked the doctor about his eating- it seems that he eats so much and can't get full. she said to give him as much as he wants. alrighty. most babies his age drink 32-35 ounces a day- he drinks 48-60. yikes!

b. HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT. oh yes you heard me correctly. he may not do it again for months but it was especially glorious since Scott picked the 6 am feeding instead of the usual 2 am so i got to sleep straight through from 11 til 6:45. hoo-rah.

c. ok i'm not lying i wasn't even there but my mom, my dad, and barbie t. were all at my mom's when they witnessed travis rolling over from his back to his tummy yesterday. that's one month and 3 days people. at the doctor's she put him on his stomach to see what he would do and he did a mini-pushup- lifted his head all the way up and pushed his chest off the table. the kid is freakin strong as idunnowhat.

plus if i don't post you might suffer from cuteness withdrawals if you can't see pictures like this and this.

monkeys climb trees- hannah

a pensive look...

you need EVEN MORE cuteness you say??? go to flickr for more recent pictures.

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh i can't wait for my new template.


Blogger Judy said...

Are you working on it right now because I love the monkeys on the side!

Wow, that is one strong kid! If he's eating that much, my guess is that is attributing to his sleeping through the night - here's to many more of those!

2:35 PM


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