(lionel richie singing "all night long" plays softly in the background)
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

yes, travis likes to party all night long. actually more like chow all night long down. he sleeps all day and eats minimally, then at night he eats every couple hours like a champ. and like clockwork, each morning 'round 5-6 am he settles down and sleeps til 9 or 10.

it's so hard making sue i'm giving the girls enough attention bc they do have a little jealousy problem, but it's to be expected. they're getting better every day. i'm trying to make sure i do everything possible to make them feel included and loved.

also is the first day my c section incision hasn't been killing me when i get up and down. it's down to a dull throb.

ok, we all know you didn't come here to check on me- here's what you really want...

travis 021

travisweek1 003

travisweek1 010

travisweek1 021

travisweek1 030

travisweek1 028


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