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Monday, June 04, 2007

you get one belly shot- finally. here's the little porker at 39 weeks.
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the ticker at the top says 8 days left today, but that's til my actual due date. there are really only 2 days left bc i'm having a c-section thursday morning. yikes!

today was my first day off work before he's born. since i function best at the last minute, last night we went and got diapers and today i put together his bassinet. the bassinet is actually the only thing i saved from the girls. looking at it, it seems so strange that they both used to fit in there together with room to spare. believe it or not i had the afternoon free to take a nap bc bob and sue took the girls to swimming lessons but i didn't sleep- i read a book and made bread. this morning was all about cleaning as will be tomorrow bc the house was trashed and i would like it to be semi-decent when we get home since peeps will be coming by to view the freshly hatched young mammal.

as a surprise i got these for scott...of course he had to open one and sample it. he's so funny, getting nervous. a while back he told me he didn't know if he could stand to be in the OR when travis is born. i was like "oh, you WILL be there buddy." last night out of the blue he goes "i don't know if i'll be able to cut the cord. it might gross me out."

we were at his mom and dad's last night and it turns out when his brother was born his dad tried to escape at the last minute and run to the waiting room but the doctor wouldn't let him go. now i see where he gets it from. ha!


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