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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ever since i found out i was prego we have been having a debate about whether or not to have a 3d ultrasound. (in case you don't know what that is, click here.)

instead of a regular blobby alien ultrasound you get to see the baby better (if he cooperates.) here in monkeyville the hospital just has a regular 2d ultrasound, and they just do one at around 20 weeks to make sure baby has all his necessary bits and pieces. unless there's something wrong you don't get another one.

sooooo, scott and i have gone back and forth on whether or not to get a 3d one. one week we decide to wait and get surprised when he's born, the next week we change our minds and want to see him.

another big thing though is the moolah factor. 3d ultrasounds are not cheap. in this area you're talking about 200 bucks and up. yikes! however, i was looking up facilities on the internet and found out there's a place about an hour away that has a a weekday "quick peek" special. if you go on a weekday before 4pm, you can get it done for a hundred bucks. of course you don't get all the "extras" but you do get a few pictures and jpeg images.

ever since i found that out, the idea has been rattling around in my big ole head.

"a hundred bucks. that's alot of groceries/ gasoline."
"but this is the last time you'll ever be pregnant- wouldn't it be cool?!"
"yeah but can we really afford it?"
"technically we could squeeze it out if we eat only from the freezer for a while and don't buy anything extra at all."
"you'll have to take off work."
"what's one more sick day anyway?"
"um, HELLO, you're supposed to be saving your sick days for when you're out for the baby at the end of year."
"But i realllllllllllly want to."
"ok maybe let's think a while longer."

and so on and so forth.

what sealed it was at my last doctor's appointment he did a super fast 2d ultrasound to check the baby's position and i almost saw his face but he didn't go up that far- he was only checking the basics- heartbeat, etc. i went home and told scott that i definitely want to see travis. his response:

"what if he's like, weird looking or something?"
typical male.

it didn't take much convincing though so i called to make the appointment ASAP bc the best time to see the baby is up til 34 weeks and i'm 33 this week. we go TOMORROW to have it done and i'm excited and anxious at the same time. i think it's bc i never had anything like this done when i was pregnant the first time and it will only work if he's facing in the right direction. plus in some of the 3d ultrasounds i've looked at online the baby's face is squished so it does look weird and you can't really tell exactly what he will look like. but some are really cute.

plus afterwards we're going to the big baby store to get travis his carseat. which seems like a little thing but it's the last main thing we need before travis gets born-da-did, as the girls say. i think it's finally sinking in that a real live baby person will be here soon.



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