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Thursday, April 05, 2007

let's all pause at this time and pray that my children will both make it through this week alive and with all limbs intact.
just kidding i wouldn't ever harm the precious pumpkins, those perfect princesses WHO HAVE BEEN DRIVING ME COMPLETELY BATTY FOR 6 DAYS NOW.
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, she took my book.
mom she won't let me have my turn on the computer.
mommy, i'm hungry.
mom, did you mean to lock me on the porch for three hours? ha! but the thought has crossed my mind.

we are all on spring break this week and the excavation project as i mentioned before is the room that is supposed to be the travis nursery. it was never cleaned out before i moved in and everything extra from my old house got piled on top. upon initial inspection it appeared that we could just haul the schtuff out and label it keep, give away, or throw away. yeah RIGHT!

this room holds everything from the girls' outgrown clothes (which i should state were not organized in any way, just chunked into bags and boxes) to my leftover food from when i was on nutrisystem to like 5 huge tubs of scrapbooking material from when i was obsessed with scrapbooking and had to have every sticker button and paper ever made for the hobby. and that's just the top layer. underneath that we have stuff that was in the linen closet when i moved in (fyi this was my grandmom's house), and layers of other stuff that we couldn't bear to part with. my grandmom threw nothing away. she has brand new towel sets they got for christmas in like 1969.

underneath all that, the contents of both dressers and the closet are pristinely preserved exactly as they were the day my grandmom died. so we're dealing with both physical and emotional pain here people.

i cannot claim to be doing any hard labor- my mommy is pulling everything out, then i go thru the stuff to see what to do with it. the first two days have been just organizing the girls' old clothes- i didn't throw anything away when they outgrew them. we have like 6 bags of twin stuff for ebay. i wish so badly there was a twins club round here. worst part, only one bag is ebay-able right now due to the season- all the others will have to be stored til fall cuz they're cold weather and what are the odds they will get sold this year? bwah!

i used to get excited about making money on ebay but it always turns into such a pain- wash, iron/press, describe, list, ship. and people get so testy when they win your auction and they don't get the stuff in the mail like, the next day or something.

(insert whiny part here) plus my back is killin me do you hear killin me! the whole right side is wacked out and i'm going to the chiro in an hour but one false move and it will be back out again.
(end whiny part)

on to a totally unrelated topic...
looks like easter in monkeyville will be f-f-f-f-f-reezing cold. scratch the original outfit, go for plan b outfit. wait, there's no plan b.

and in other unrelated news lily says to me out of nowhere yesterday "i hope that easter bunny peter cottontail* knows i want a blue stuffed bunny." (mother runs frantically around stores looking for blue stuffed bunny.) ha! found a super humongous one for 10 bucks and i got hannah a yellow one. no they don't need another stuffed animal much less a big one but you know...

*it took me a while to convince them that the easter bunny's name is peter cottontail not peter rabbit. i had to go through the whole detailed explanation then get the beatrix potter book out to show them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey!! Was it you that was asking me about the government grants website? well anyway, here it is... Grants I'm headed back to Cali this weekend, gotta get warm! :)

10:54 PM


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