like i need one more thing to obsess about.
Monday, March 12, 2007

the last time i went to the doctor my blood pressure was elevated- the highest end of normal. he told me we "need to keep an eye on it" because we "might have some excitement towards the end."

um, repeat, por favor? my idea of excitement and his idea of excitement might not line up exactly.

"whaddaya mean?!" i asked in a high pitched whiny tone. "will i have to take medicine?"
"well, that's one option."
i kicked him in the crotch and screamed, "spill yer guts buddy. or do i have to squeeze it out of you?" just kidding.

"what is the other option?" i calmly inquired while picturing my hands in a deathgrip around his skinny little neck. (this is a new doctor who looks like he stepped out of a 50's tv show - tall, thin, black rimmed glasses, white hair, white jacket- and has the personality of a boiled turnip)

"we have a baby early."
oh. i have to go back next Monday. luckily that appt. is with my old ob/gyn who was my doc when i was preg with the monkeys. i will beg him not to schedule me with 50's doctor anymore.

so now in addition to all other baby related worries i add high blood pressure. this morning i had a headache that came on suddenly and the first thing i thought was "oh my lord- it's the blood pressure." luckily since i work in schools i can always go get it checked in the nurse's office and it was normal.

i didn't tell you but since this pregnancy has been so easy and normal i'm worried that things are too good to be true and i keep imagining that something horrible is going to happen at the last minute, or that something will be wrong w/ travis when he's born. so far i have had no swelling, no bad carpal tunnel, no other extreme issues- i have only gained 17 pounds! plus my blood sugars have been normal w/ the diabetic diet so i don't need insulin- yet.


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