Why Our Country is Going to Heck in a Handbasket
Monday, February 12, 2007

Now don't get me wrong- I'm ashamed to say I am just as big a fan of mild potty humor as the next guy. I have to surpress a snicker when the occasional daring student makes an anonymous farting noise in the middle of class.


Please do not give my 3.95 year old child , or child of any age for that matter, except maybe over 12, (and those kids probably eat regular adult food bc they're too embarrassed to order it), this toy in her Happy Meal.

The girls wanted to know why the teachers wouldn't let the kids open their Happy Meal at school on Special Lunch Day. Gee, I wonder.

Can you imagine the lunchroom of the Christian school filled with the the sound of dozens of these things cutting the cheese simultaneously? Okay so maybe the concept it is funny but it's not a toy for easy influenceable young minds that I'm trying to convince not to scream things like "I HAVE TO POOP NOW MOMMY " in the middle of the crowded grocery store.

The Happy Meal Toy Website (did you know there was one?) describes the farting armpit noises as "comical sounds." This is irresponsible. McDonald's could outfit a Happy Meal Toy with a secret subliminal sonar code undetectable to adult ears that tells kids across America to beg to go to McDonald's every day for a chicken nugget Happy Meal.

Hey, wait a minute...

ps Scott took it away from me as soon as I showed it to him and started squeezing it in my ear and chasing me with it.


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