Monday, February 26, 2007

The monks are obsessed with doing "projects." This means giving them scissors, gluesticks, and other instruments of torture and letting them explore their inner artist. I just go to any old website that has coloring pages and let them pick what they like then they color and disect. They like to add stickers for that extra oomph as well.

Last week I found a really cool one where you just print out the page of pizza stuff and let them cut and glue. I had the wise idea to let them glue it on a paper plate so it looks like real pizza. We did that one Saturday.

cool cutout and glue stick pizza craft i got off the internet.

(Some other sites I get stuff from are this one this one and this one.)


In unrelated pregnancy news, I always heard about having weird dreams when you're knocked up but lately mine have gotten incredibly freaky and realistic. Last night I had a dream where I woke up from a dream in my bedroom and went to use the bathroom. When I got back a long deceased and greatly beloved pet dog was laying where I sleep (it was alive, yes) and omg the details I have stored in my brain and don't even know. In my dream he had on the same collar he used to wear and I examined him from head to toe to make sure I wasn't imagining him before I reached out to pet him. He was happy and wagging his tail. I woke up my husband (in the dream) and asked him "Do you see a dog in the bed or am I hallucinating?" and he responded that he saw it too. His fur even felt the same when I petted him. (the dog not the husband.)

It was extremely shocking and emotional and this morning when I started thinking about it I actually started crying bc the dog was so dear to me and the dream was so incredibly realistic.

Pregnancy hormones- oy vey.


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