Sunday, March 04, 2007

they're super low res proofs, but i got the girls' 4 yr pictures taken yesterday and you can kind of see them here.

i don't know if you remember my horrible experience w sear studios. it has to do w crummy service, waiting 3+ hours, and more. i would link to it but i can't remember when it happened. so since i complained and got a ton of free pictures i am kinda liking them again and this time we got a very patient young girl who did great job.

the only thing i didn't like was the cheesy moon background- i dunno if you can see it in the proofs or not. she put it down when i stepped outside to get a brush for a quick touchup and she had already almost started when i got back.

i wanted to ask her to change it but it's a pain- they don't pull down, you have to unroll and hang them- but then she says- "i love this backdrop. it's my favorite!" yikes. bc earlier she had asked if she could put these pics in her portfolio. turns out they had actually been talking about the girls since I made the appointment. when you complain so effectively that the CEO of the company calls you on the phone you tend to have that effect on people and they remember your name. the girl who took their last one had gotten famous in the studio for this shot and had busted it out again to show the new people-and this girl had planned several poses she wanted them to do before we even got there.

when we arrived i started timing them. i had heard the girl tell the lady in front of me they had alot of walkins today and couldn't give any more guaranteed appointments. oh lawd i looked around at the number of waiting people, whiny children, and screaming babies. packed.

however the manager who i complained about is still there and i heard her whispering to the other girl "get the twins in next" and something else i couldn't hear. probably "this lady is a big ole (insert bad word here) make sure you don't screw up." i really didn't care how she felt as long i didn't have to wait. my appt was 3pm- we got there at 2:55- and they took us back at 3:10.

of course the girls win everyone over and they were so good- like little barbizon robots even. i was watching nervously from the wings like a good pageant mother and when they wouldn't smile i would say "where's the pretty baby?" or "who's not going to chuck e. cheese if they don't cooperate?" and they would snap to it.

i'm so ill, i know.


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