Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Recently I have come across 2 different pro-life issues that are really thought provoking. By looking at this blog you can see I'm pro-life. When related issues arise in the news I always read them and think. And analyze. Alot.

However I am not of the close-minded sort- I really try to think about all sides of an issue and put myself in the other persons' shoes. I am willing to listen and consider others' viewpoints.

The first thing has to do with the baby that was born in Florida at 22 weeks gestation and survived. You probably heard about her on the news. This is a very unusual case. Of course not all babies born this early would survive. Pro choice folks can very well say stuff like- this is a rare thing, she will probably have brain damage, she will never be normal, etc. etc. but the bottom line is- she did survive. The outlook is positive. But...

Did you know that she could have been legally killed (aborted) in 49 states the same day she was born? This is how she would have been killed.-->Warning- don't click this link if you are in denial about abortion and want to stay that way.

The second article I read today. A lady wants to sue a bunch of people for money to raise her 2 year daughter whom she tried to abort unsuccessfully. This makes me wonder what kind of life her child has. Does this woman look at her daughter every day and think, "What a burden. I wish she was dead."If she didn't want the kid anyway, why didn't she just give it up for adoption, then sue the people? And if she decided after giving birth that she loved and was going to keep the baby, why would she do this to her child? What will the child think when she gets old enough to understand what happened to her and that her mom tried to kill her, then sued for money to take care of her?

She says she wanted the abortion for financial reasons. Ok. So then I keep asking myself, why didn't she give the baby up for adoption after it was born? Why does she still have this child? How does she treat the child? Did all the people around her know (before the lawsuit) that she tried to kill her child? What do they think? When the girl gets to school will she get taunted with stuff like "You mom didn't want you anyway!" ?

I want to imagine that the mother is a loving caring woman who now regrets what she did. But then, why would she sue? For money she says. If she can't take care of her daughter, couldn't she give her to relatives to raise if she didn't want to give her up for adoption outside the family? If her financial situation is this bad, I'm assuming she's on public assistance and I'm sure it's not alot. So she would rather sue and put her daughter in the national spotlight and stigmatize her for the rest of her life?



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