country monkeys
Sunday, March 25, 2007

mimi and poppy (my parents) got the girls these john deere tractors for their bday. it hasn't been nice enough here til yesterday to bust em out.
hannah excitement

lily cheese

dad brought them over and the girls got to terrorizing small animals driving them crazily around the yards right away. luckily we have a big area to roam. dad started them out on the slow setting, then after they figured out how to steer and maneuver, he kicked em up to the fast setting. yikes!

daddy & girlsnote:this is not my yard you see here it's my neighbors'. i would not lock my dog up 23/7 in this little pen and listen to him scream all the time. but this is the same neighbor who likes to have a few brewskies then climb on top of his garage and shoot arrows at plastic deer so what can i do? (note target on hay bales.)
scott was trying to follow them around bc they kept ramming into stuff (trees, cars, bushes) but on the fast setting he could barely keep up with them.

they had a rip roaring good time. only one injury was sustained (poppy's toe.) but good lord you should have seen the explosion when i told them it was getting too chilly and we had to stop.

hananh boo-hoo

lily waa-waa

for some sick reason when they're whining i like to take their picture bc they don't like it and they scream even louder and try to hide their faces.

wrong, i know. but they're so cute when they're angry.


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