Friday, March 23, 2007

I approximate the distance between the bottom shelf of the cabinet and the top of the toilet to be about 22 inches. Yet, did you know it would break my husband's arm to return the deodorant to its proper location in the cabinet? Magically he finds it returned to the cabinet shelf every morning. For a while I left it out in protest but then it bugged me too much and I had to put it back. (i just noticed the wallpaper is peeling- must repair that.)

Not only does he leave it on the toilet but he also leaves the cabinet door open.

I have given him several demonstrations on how to put the deodorant back after use. Sometimes it reflects off his brain cells, other times it works for a day or two. I have given similar demos on things like "how to turn off lights when exiting the domicile" and "how to hang up one's towel after bathing."

Maybe a sublimal message tape I can play while he's sleeping.


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