Monday, March 26, 2007

ava thinks...
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yes, ava e. used to be the baby of the family but now she's a big girl. (this picture has always cracked me up. when the kids were little my sister and i used to try to get them all to look at the camera at once and not scream. this was usually the kind of result we got. i do believe the look of sheer terror on her face says it all. my sister will call me tomorrow and shout 'i hate that picture! i can't believe you put that on your blog!' if i had a nice recent picture of her i could show you what she looks now that she's almost 3 but i don't have one, sister dear.)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways, i have been keeping a big secret from you.

drumroll please...

travis will not be the only familial offspring exiting the womb in june. my sister is also pregernated and her bambino will be arriving just a week afterwards!

his name is griffin but you can call him the griffi-nator. travis will have a boy cousin almost exactly the same age as him. how cool is that?
at family gatherings they will be standing alone in their manliness against the gaggle of 3 giggling girls who will try to make them wear fairy costumes and drink pretend tea.

let the games begin!


Blogger Laura said...

How cool is that?? Lucky kids.

12:50 AM


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