i received no compensation for these lovely reviews but if the companies send me free stuff i will eat it.
Thursday, March 29, 2007

the Good Lord knows i cannot survive without carbohydrates or some reasonale facsimile thereof. so just in time for my diabetic pregnancy he created sugar free Tastykake products. I am so addicted to the cream filled coffee cakes. of course you can't eat a whole box at a time but for those nighttime carb cravings you can't beat em. they say not for weight loss on the box but i certainly will continue eating them after the baby when i'm dieting. the orange finger cakes are delish too. i'm not sure if they sell tastycakes everywhere or just in certain parts of the country.

dreamfields low carb pasta tastes like real pasta, not real tough and chewy like the old school low carb pasta. it can even trick my husband who has a built in diet food detector alarm. i make macaroni and cheese with the elbow pasta and 2% cheese and it tastes just like regular.

lastly but not leastly russell stover's sugar free candies are made with splenda now instead of the sweetener that gives you, um, bowel issues.

the coconut ones taste like mounds candy bars but any of them are good.
this is making me hungry. hmmm, what's for lunch today?


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