'splorin for bugs
Sunday, April 15, 2007

the girls want to jump in every mud puddle they see. they're used to being told no to that of course, especially when they have their good shoes on. we skipped church today bc they had a runny nose and it was pouring off and on. since it wasn't too cold i bribed them that if they cleaned up the kitchen and living room which were trashed from 2 days inside, that i would take them out and they could jump in mud puddles. they also decided, though i told them not many bugs are out in the rain, that they needed to take their bug gear the easter bunny brought them.

they discover roly poly bugs under a cinder block and have to examine them...
bug discovery
peta doesn't want to know what they did to God's little creatures (accidently of course- too much enthusiasm with the tweezers.)
bug inspection and disection
let's see what daffodils look like with a magnifying glass. and pine cones. and dirt. and mud. and our boots.
examining daffodils

maybe you think i'm a bad mother for letting them outside (gasp), in the rain (double gasp), with runny noses (fainting gasp.)

but they're only 4 once and they needed to burn off some energy fer crying our loud. and it stopped raining anyway while we were out. i thought after the first 20 puddles the novelty would wear off but it didn't. (see clip below for live monkey puddle jumping action!)

afterwards they changed into nice warm clothes, got all cozy, and re-trashed the house.


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