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Sunday, April 08, 2007

hannah grace had to be difficult this morning and tell me she didn't like any of the candy in her easter basket. lily, however, is a chocoholic after my own heart. if this child here isn't totally adorable, nothing is.
choco bunny face

hannah changed her story later though, and munched down on chocolate after she had her church clothes on and got slimy chocolate drool all down the front of her dress. eek.

i'm such a bad mommy- i was so tired today- we went to VB for ava's 3rd birthday party yesterday and got home late- that i didn't even take pictures of them dressed up before church. but, since there was snow on the ground, it wasn't the usual springy type outfit. they had their striped mudboots on with their dresses. haute monkey couture at its finest.

here are some random pics-you can click to biggify them and on flickr there's some other ones too.
what our backyard looked like on easter eve
easter eve

ava's party had a butterfly theme...

there was a big egghunt at the party in spite of the mud- here the girls and ava discuss their strategy before the hunt
b4 the hunt

lots of munchkins after the hunt right before baby lucas decided the egg hunt sign was the finish line that had to be crossed
sign gets demolished by lucas

and here's a picture my sis took of me helping, i mean, supervising the girls during the hunt. as you can see, travis is a big boy.

mommy, travis, n girls

blah- it's back to school tomorrow. must go and have a few last minutes of mourning for the end of spring break.

oh i almost forgot- at church they postponed the egghunt til next week for obvious reasons but we had excitement anyway- the organist got locked in the bathroom between sunday school and church and it took what seemed like forever to get her out. it was super exciting for all the kids who were already wired on sugar to watch men try to kick the door in. they tried everything and finally had to take the door off its hinges. for some reason no one thought my "how many methodists does it take to get a door open?" joke was funny.

hope you had a hoppy easter!



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