this could explain why i'm so stinky.
Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i've never had a shower.

a baby shower i mean.
no really. i am super excited.

when i was pregnant with the girls i never had a baby shower bc they shipped me away early to be on bedrest near the hospital where high risk bambinos are born, which is nowhere near my house, and therefore nowhere near any people who would give me a shower or come to one.

if you're a dude i'm sure you do not grasp the importance of the female baby shower ritual, where grown women squish candy bars and/or mustard inside a diaper to simulate baby caca and then sit around eating those pastel buttermints and making "ooh" and/or "aawwwsocute" noises while watching the mother to be open presents containing various and sundry baby items.
but this time i'm having 2! two, do you hear me?! my sister is giving me one on april 28 and then in the middle of may my friend sue is giving me one for our church peoples.

why do you need a shower? you ask. don't you have everything you could possibly need for a baby since you already had babies?

well. apparently the way things work is that when you finally decide that you will never have any more kiddos and you give everything baby-related away, you will soon become sperminated. i never knew that, obviously. plus those babies were pink babies and this is a blue baby so very little of the very little i saved is usable for travis, unless i want to give him gender confusion issues. plus, scott would never go for his manly future baseball playing boy wearing pink ruffled bloomers, i don't think.

anyway the whole reason i'm telling you this is the invitations my sister bought are so adorable you must see them. they come flat and when you take them out of the envelope they pop up into a 3d teddy bear inside a crib.
shower invite folded

shower invite pop up
pardon my enthusiasm and it could just be cuz it's MY shower but i think they're freakin precious.

added later: a few people have asked for a link to my registries. really, you don't have to do that.
no, really.

ok but if you twist my arm and you absolutely MUST, please email me (my email address is over on the left sidebar) and if i know you (as like a regular person who comes here) i will be happy to send it to you. this may seem weird and rude but i'm very private about my personal info here. xok8


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