hey! look at my chest!
alternate title: pregnancy sucks your brain out.
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

my grandma is consolidating her household furniture/goods/etc. bc she's moving and as a result i am proud to announce i have a big mexican chest! no really, i have always loved this piece of furniture and she gave it to me. we now have it in the bedroom facing our bed with the tv on top and scott says the faces give him the creeps and he expects them to start blinking their eyes and talking in scary voices but i said NO! they're happy fat mexican cherubs surrounded by flowers.
mexican chest

about the brain thing...when i went to the doctor this week they wanted to know if i had any questions. i said "yeah, um, aren't i supposed to fill out some kind of paperwork at the hospital before this kid comes out?" they looked at me like i was an idiot. "you were supposed to do that after your first prenatal visit."

"but no one told me anything about it."
"ok, well, must have been an oversight."

you're probably thinking i'm a fool not to have thought of it before cuz everybody has to do that but remember last time things weren't a normal birthtype scenario. really, i think they should have told me. what if i had gone into labor w no paperwork filed?

anyways, travis is now head down (he's been head up til this week) thinking he's gonna blast out the normal way; he doesn't know he's coming out the emergency exit.

my c-section is scheduled for june 7, which gives me plenty of time to worry and stress out. i think i liked it better the last time when it happened really fast in a rush and i didn't have a chance to really sit and think about the needle in the spine, the big chopchop, the upcoming pain, etc.

i was also thinking about the umbilical cord care thing. last time the girls were in the hospital for 2+ weeks and theirs fell off before they got home. yikes.

but my sugar levels are still normal w no insulin and my bp is good to go too. and up til this point i have no swelling at all- i can still wear my jewelry and normal shoes. my last day at work is june 1 so i'm counting down.

my church baby shower is saturday- will have to fill you in on the excitement afterwards.



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