Sunday, May 20, 2007

i'm so slack. firstly, i never posted any pictures from the shower my sister gave me waaaaaaay back in april. i'm too lazy right now to download then crop and upload all the pics my sister sent me so i thought i would show you the cakes and the favors from both showers i had.

the shower my sister gave me was a nursery rhyme theme. everything was adorable- even the games were nursery rhyme oriented. the only thing that bit was half the people who said they were coming never showed so my sister busted her own pregnant behind to fix all this food and stuff for just a few people.
here's the cute is this???

stacy shower cake!

and the favors...

favors from my first shower

the shower gels (get it- shower) were assorted scents so one could choose their preferred flavor.

my church baby shower was this past saturday.
here's the cake...

church shower cake!

so sweet! btw the top of the booties are jumbo marshmallows.

and the favors...

i love em! powder scented mini soaps- scratch and sniff the screen and pretend you can smell them.

they smell so good!

my sister and i are all about some favors. my mom and lots of other folks round here think it's silly to even have favors but they just don't understand. favors can make or break the fiesta. they must be just right. much thought and study must go into the selection of not just the favors themselves, but also the presentation of said favors.

having said that, tell me how pathetic i am. my mom and sue hosting the shower this past saturday and gaspers! they were not planning to have favors.

no favors?

a baby shower?

so many potentially lovely favors from which to select? the horror. so i picked and assembled the favors myself. yes that's right, for my own shower. oh well some people just wouldn't understand the favorlovethang.

secondly, i have also never done the meme i was tagged for from twisted cinderella, and now geannie has tagged me with the same one. i'm supposed to think of seven weird or unusual facts about myself. and with a such a small portion of my cerebrum functioning too? it's almost cruel and unusual punishment.

let's see- well something kind of weird about me is the fact that every pair of pants, slacks, skirt or other bottom i own has an elastic waist. ok maybe except like the one pair of jeans i rarely wear. i cannot stand anything that has zippers, buttons, snaps, etc. this started out due to the fact that i have no waist and regular clothes don't fit me, and then turned into a comfort thing. that's right- the only jeans i have ever found that fit me are the old navy ultra low waist jeans. and on me they come up to my waistline like regular pants. in order to get regular zippered pants that fit my waist, they have to be so big that the waist is the ONLY part that fits and the rest are baggy and super huge cuz i gots no butt or thighmeat. my legs are super skinny compared to the rest of my body. right now at 8 months prego i look like a big egg on sticks.

i absolutely positively cannot stand to have any lint or animal hair on me. i have lint rollers placed throughout the house and a mini one in my purse. and in my desk at school. god forbid i have to sit down at someone's house who has alot of cats or dogs. i get the heeby jeebs. i must roll immediately as soon as i exit.

ok that's just 2 things and my brain stopped working. 2=7 for a pregnant person right? i will keep thinking and if something else pops into my brain i will post it.

k thanks.

please pray for me and travis as the big day approaches cuz my nerves are on edge.



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