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Monday, May 28, 2007

lawd have mercy i'm supposed to work thru next friday the 1st but i dunno. travis, i predict, will weigh somewhere around 15 pounds give or take. everywhere i go people keep asking me if i'm overdue. in a sick way, each time i have a twinge or ache i'm hoping it's labor so i can get this ovah with, for real!

memorial day started out nicely. we got this big ole gigantuous inflatable pool that we filled up this morning. it's the hugest blowup pool i ever saw and it has a long inflatable bench and cupholders built in. imagine an oversized jacuzzi. nothing compared to a real pool but for 35 bux it rocks. it's big enough for at least 3 adults to sit and the girls to have room to swim around. so scott and the girls swam while i baked a yellow cake w caramel icing. at 2 bob and sue took the girls to the church picnic.

things were so nice and peaceful for about 30 minutes til mom called and said hannah got bit by something and was having an allergic reaction. i threw on clothes real quicklike and when sue pulled up it was all i could do not to freak out. the whole left side of her face was red and puffed up and her eye was almost swollen shut and she had bites all down her shoulder and arm. by the time we got to the ER it was getting worse.

we got triaged and they took us back. it took forever to get seen though and by the time the doctor got to us, it had stopped swelling and was not as red. they gave her prednisone and benadryl. by the time we left she was her normal self again, personality wise. her eye is still swollen though and we have dubbed her pirate pete.

random pix:
saturday the girls caught a frog. it was big excitement. i let them keep it til daddy got home to show him. i found the sacred glass skippy jar with the holes in the lid that my brother and i used to catch fireflies in and we put the fwoggy in it. they don't make em like that anymore, people.

found a fwog!

found a fwog!

sunday we went to visit relatives in MD, got back late. took lots of pix of the monkeys, of course. here are two of my faves.



please forgive me for not commenting your blog. i just don't have the energy. i have been clicking around and reading them though.



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