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Monday, June 18, 2007

precious princesses
little dolly dresses strike again- bob and sue got the girls these pageant dresses in tennessee last summer.

baby milk factory
the girls play "baby milk factory" and feed their babies.

lily feeds her baby
lily and her baby- she had to burp it too.

hannah feeds her baby- must be a hungry one!
hannah and her baby- this one must be really hungry!

pop n girls make ice cream
the girls help poppy make ice cream (it was chocolate btw.)

he looks just like daddy
mommy's precious poohbear!

i can't think of alot to tell ya due to the upallnightbabybrainsyndrome. oh yeah the girls went with me to travis's first doctor's appointment on friday. they have been telling everyone how he peed all over

a. the wall
b. the nurse
c. the doctor three times.

they're very proud.

everything was fine and at the end the doctor proclaimed "he's perfect!"
so, you see, it's not just me who thinks that, it's everybody.


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