double whammy!!
Thursday, June 14, 2007

my sister stacy had her baby today!

griffin joseph
8 pounds 6 ounces
chubby cheek griffin

new griff

how cool is it to have a boy cousin who is only one week younger!? welcome baby griff!

meanwhile, back at the ranch, post pregnancy hormones are in full swing. i feel fat and dumpy and any little thing makes me cry. in combination with no extended period of sleep for 10 days, this is not a good thing.

travis has his one week checkup tomorrow. i really can't wait til i can get out and about again- i'm going stir crazy from cabin fever.

the girls are doing really great considering all the big changes they have gone through in the last 10 months. they have been acting up more than usual and testing boundaries- i think they know i don't have the strength to fight back right now. they are not 100% crazy about their baby brother but the more i let them help do things the better they are becoming.

yesterday hannah asked me something like, "are you having any more babies?"
i told her no, that the doctor fixed it when he took out travis so that i won't have any more babies.

of course she wanted a more specific answer- "how mommy? how did he fix it?"

"um, there's an on/off switch in my tummy and after he took travis out he turned it to off."

"was the switch hooked to the cord?" (they're obsessed with the umbilical cord and have to examine travis's stump every time i change his diapers)

"yes hannah it was hooked to the cord inside and he turned it off so don't worry- no more babies."

"oh, okay."


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