Monday, July 23, 2007

in yet another edition of "my sister and i are completely different" we examine her child's nursery.

first, let me reiterate that travis still has no nursery at all. he has a room but it is still uninhabitable. it's a long painful story that we won't get into but yes, he is still sleeping in his bassinet. at the rate he is growing soon we will simply transfer him into a big cardboard box.

let's look at a slideshow of griffin's beautiful nursery. in a second.

but first-

things to note: my sister and her husband are both anal retentive detail oriented. please notice that every little thing coordinates with the colors and design of the "under construction" theme, a theme which was selected with much care and analytic thought.

first, they decided on the paint colors and went and had them matched exactly at home depot. custom chair railing was maufactured by her husband at his job and erected precisely. cute coordinating signs and accessories were installed. everything is 'just so.'

i'm jealous. i would never have the patience for all that. if my kid ever has a room w crib we'll be lucky.

now...behold the splendor

ps btw does anybody know anybody who has tried the new weight loss drug alli? i have heard both good and bad things about it. the worst is the whole "leakage" problem. yikes!?


Blogger Judy said...

Have not even looked into alli, but I have become quite addicted to Incredible site and has been great to use and lose!

That nursery looks like it is out of a MAGAZINE. Oh my!

We did the bassinet in our room, and then Tyler went straight to the guest room. No fun nursery stuff for him, and he hasn't complained too much!

10:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:15 PM


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