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Friday, July 20, 2007

8 random facts about myself you say?

i did this in part (2 i think) when i was pregnant and i got stuck so let's take it from the top one more time.

ok i only wear pants that have elastic waists. i also have a tendency to buy my children elastic waist pants, thus perpetuating the cycle.

i am obsessed with pure citrus spray- it's made just from from oil in orange skins and it smells like you just peeled an orange. i'm spraying it constantly bc citrus makes me happy.

i realized just the other night that my husband is the only man i ever seriously dated that doesn't have a tattoo.

i feel sorry for parents that don't have kids as cute as mine which is almost all of them.

whale dresses july 20 2006

i have this strange compulsion to shop online, put items in cart, check totals, etc., then change my mind at the last moment and just x it out.

although i normally hate reality shows, i am unnaturally obsessed with the new vh1 show rock of love w bret michaels. it's complete garbage and i dig it. my sister had poison and guns and roses posters on her wall, i had duran duran. oh yeah she also had a denim jacket w the big poison patch.

once i was running and accidentally fell and slid on my butt across about 25 feet of wet grass on the back lawn of the art museum in philly where rocky ran up the front steps in front of like 250 people in light colored denim jeans and i went around the rest of the field trip with a big bright green skid mark on my arse.

ok this is really about my brother but it's cool- but i was standing beside him when barbara mandrell kissed his cheek.


Blogger Judy said...

Oooh, I do the same thing shopping online. I'll also do it in a store - load up the cart and then put everything back. Drives my husband NUTS. I love it!

8:41 AM


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