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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

my sister and i were talking earlier today about how being a sahm (stay at home mom- explanation for my mother and others not up w 'the internet lingo') is much harder than going to work. at our jobs anyway. and that's saying alot when you teach middle school. oy vey the 8th grade hormones. and attitudes.

at least when school is in i have an excuse as to why my house looks like a japanese bullet train just whizzed straight through it.

maybe i'm just imagining this bc i'm so paranoid about my house being messy when people stop by, but when you're not working and you're at home all day "they" expect your house to be tidy, all laundry done, dinner bubbling nicely on the stove, etc.

they don't know about the simultaneous screaming of all children at maximum lung capacity bc one has big caca pants and wants to be fed and another just took the other one's wiggles guitar and then right at that moment the phone rings and congratulations mrs (last name of my dead grandmother bc i live in her house) did you know you have won a free satellite dish and we're waiving the installation fee?????????

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*please do not misconstrue my meaning here bc i love my kids dearly even though they make me loony and if i could afford it i would love to quit working and home school them but it ain't happening anytime soon. and yes, i know they grow so fast and soon they will be graduating from college and i will long to hear the sound of the wiggles guitar battle.


Blogger Judy said...

Girl, I feel (and hear) your pain.

There is a difference of 5 years and 2 months between my boys, but by the way they fight and scream, you'd think they were MUCH closer.

Summertime is my messiest time at my house. Because why? Because we're HERE.

3:04 PM


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