look at this fat boy!!!!
Monday, August 13, 2007

a super quick monday morning hello to ya...

"my poppy is a funny guy."

poor travi-travkins had his 2 months physical on friday. he had three shots and one has given him a big ole sore bright red knot on his fat thigh. the day of the shots he was fussy but he's ok since.

guess how much he weighs now...15 pounds 6 ounces!! good googly moogly! he's in the 97% exactly for height weight and head circumference. in case you don't know they give your kid a score on a scale of 100 for his length and weight based on averages for his age.

scott's aunt is keeping travis on mondays when i go back to work and she wants him today even though i'm still off- i am so blessed to have so many peeps fighting over who's gonna keep the chubchub.

ok now i must treadmill it bc i'm on a mission to get this big fat gut off of me- i'm on a super low carb diet- more on that later.

have a thuper duper day guys. i think we might do a craft project. how bout you?


hey don't forget about the scrapbook contest- have you entered?


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