I was afraid to show you these.
Friday, August 26, 2005

If you live in or near the South, you know about "Liddl Dolly Dresses." If not, maybe you saw them on a pageant documentary on A&E. They are handmade ruffly dresses that look like wedding cakes and have big petticoats underneath. Okay so it's cheese to the maximum degree. I would never intentionally seek them out to put on my children.

Buuuuut... when I was perusing twin auctions on ebay and saw 2, in the monkeys' size, brand new with tags, for 6 dollars each with matching socks, I bid on them. I really didn't think that I would win them bc I looked at the website and they're expensive new. This is the exact dress I got two of. So I paid 12 plus 6 shipping for both with the little ruffly socks. Now the only question is, what do I do with them? They're hanging in my kitchen in all their Dolly Glory in the original plastic wrapper, nonetheless. You can't exactly put them on your kids to go to McDonald's. Even for church they're fancy. I was thinking about maybe their Christmas picture in them? They would still fit cuz they're 2T.

Shut up, they will not be scarred for life if they wear these. I think I should force them to wear stuff like this while I still can.

ps should I get the matching doll dresses?


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