Thursday, October 06, 2005

My comments are wacked out. They won't open on some browsers now. If you can't open the comments, right click the talking bananas link and choose open in new window. If anyboy knows how to fix this please tell k8. gracias.

Dude. I am sooooooooo out of the loop on what makes adolescent people tick. These kids are like in their own little universe. For instance, I had no idea that if you are a skater or surfer or like one of those kind you have to wear these shoes. And if you are straight up hip hop you have to wear these. And everybody has to wear Tshirts that say things like "I think you're tractor's sexy" (girl) or "I poke badgers with spoons." (boy) Or "Let's Focus On Me." (girl) And paaaaleeeze do not even think of wearing jeans that actually fit you, make sure that if you're a girl they're too small, and if you're a boy they're too big.

I guess if I went to the mall and shopped at the cool stores I would know about these things. As it is, I can barely recall the last time I saw the inside of a mall.

In other unrelated planetary news, my kids are so bad these days. They yell, cry, whine, trash the joint, and shred anything they can get their hands on if I don't give them 100% attention as soon as I walk in the door. I know it's because I'm gone every day now whereas with my old job I was gone only 4 days a week, even though I would get home later. No discipline known to humankind phases them either. You can try to reason with them, give them time outs until forever or spank their butts, it makes no difference. I am at wit's end.

Please God let this be a phase or let me have some sedatives, or both if possible. Amen.

PS On a brighter note MY NEW HEADER ROCKS THE BLOGOSPHERE. Echo is the coolest. In case you didn't know she makes the absolute best looking photo greeting cards I have ever seen. And what else would be cuter than your kids (or dog even, or your cat in a Santa outfit) on a Christmas card? My Christmas cards she made last year were so beautiful. And the birth announcements are precious.You have got to go there right now and check it out.


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Microsoft, Yahoo to link instant messages ( via Yahoo! News)
Microsoft and Yahoo will make their instant-messaging programs work together, a partnership that could give the companies more power to compete against market leader America Online. The companies expect the service to start by June 2006.

Yahoo to Bar Minor-Adult Sex Chat Rooms (Washington Post)
NEW YORK -- Yahoo Inc. said Wednesday it will bar chat rooms that promote sex between minors and adults and restrict all chat rooms to users 18 and older.

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