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Sunday, October 02, 2005

The girls' "Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob" have now moved into my old house which is across the road from my new house. What does this mean?, you ask. It means there are 2 whole people who adore my children and spoil the living crud out of them and who want to babysit any and every time I ask, heck, most times they ask, dwelling just (approximately) 30 paces from my front door. It's a parents' dream come true.

Last week they went on vacation to Cherokee NC and TN somewheres, and among the 57 pieces of memorabilia/dolls/shirts/hats, etc they brought the girls were these cowgirl outfits. They were made by Indians on the Reservation which is a little twisted if you think about it but hey, they're making money so whatever.

Bob and Sue are also responsible for the shirts they're wearing which do indeed read "Mighty Lil Methodist." Oy vey.

I don't even know where to start back so I'm just kinda jumpin in here kids. The water feels fine.


Oh yeah something else I've been thinking of lately is the fact that a whiles ago I was de-blogrolled from a blog I really dug. My little feelings were hurt. When I asked I found out that the reason is something like "your blog isnt really spiritual/ Christian enough for me and all the other people on my blogroll are like super intense spiritual seekers...blah blah."

You know, things like that, the "I'm a really hip intellectual intense Christian check me out I'm like, existential in a Jesus way" are the reason alot of people get turned off towards Christianity. It's like, to make some people happy and get them to like you, or to convince them you have deep thoughts, you have to be having stormy intellectual inner battles constantly (that you blog about.) It's a modified version of teenage angst with a twist of Holy Spirit. I do have my intellectual God thoughts, but I also have a job and 2 needy toddlers, and a sense of humor, so whaddaya do?


Sometimes I like things uncomplicated, so sue me.


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