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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wow, blogger.com is still here?! Hi to all youse guys who all still clicking back here every now and then to see if I'm alive. I have to take a Technology course to fulfill my recertification requirements so now in addition to work, I am also in class every Wednesday from 4-6 through November. Hopefully I will learn how to use a computer. BWAH HA HA (Don't get mad Faith if you're reading this I know you have to do it) So far I have learned how to save files in Word, get on the internet, and format disks. eeeeeek.

I have had no computer at my new house because Verizon won't hook it up til the 22nd. I can't use my school-assigned laptop for blogging there because, you know, they spy on you and stuff.

I promise as soon as my DSL is connected I will be back full force. I won't blame you all if you abandon me. ::emotional sniff:: Honestly, I feel like I have been separated from my family. If you're reading this, leave me a message with the latest update on you since I don't have time to go to my blogroll but maybe I will have a sec to read the comments. Also, if you have my phone number you could call me. AHEM ::cough:: Christi. If you don't have my cell phone just my home phone my new number is the same area code and prefix but the last numbers are now six oh eight seven, ok?

Love love love and kisses and missyas.

Here's an old monkey picture for those of you having cuteness withdrawal. They're still doing basically the same thing, just in an upright position.

Look at those piggy noses!


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