I KNEW they wanted to be in pageants.
Sunday, August 28, 2005

My friends say my kids are the world's most photographed children. I denied it until lately, I noticed every time they see someone with a camera they say "cheese" with a big grin. Tonight I was walking down the hall putting my camera away and Lily said "Mommy, CHEESE, look!" and posed in the hall.
bigcheese Lily
Then Hannah started saying it too and then they were saying "More More!" and moving around in different places smiling all different faces saying "Cheese! Cheese!".
smiles!Hannah's new slitty eye smile look
Then when I said, ok enough, no more pictures, they started pouting. I think they really are Little Miss America material, guys. With these faces and the dresses we are an unbeatable package. Now, for the talent portion...let me think. (rubs palms together) Song? Dance? Combo? It should definitely involve jazz hands.

More shot's of mama's little trophy getters...
picnic1Church picnic today

Okay one more. Look at these fat piggy toes. They call these their "flopflops."

Exciting- just a liiiiiiiiiittle nervous: I have my first day at my new job tomorrow so pray for me please. I will be sure to let you know how it goes.


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