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Thursday, September 01, 2005

My brother Johhnykins aka Wonton aka Juan Carlos has been home visiting for a week.5 and will return to the flooded state of MS tomorrow. The girls have enjoyed having him home, and he in turn after babysitting, has decided to never reproduce. Ha!
He also has a habit of teaching them alot of naughty things whenever he has the opportunity and no one's looking. The first night he taught them to use the spoons from their Fisher Price teaset as catapults for beanie babies and other small toys. Other things he does to amuse them include tossing them as far up into the air as possible causing them to have giggling fits and me to have heart attacks, spinning them around until they're dizzy then putting them down and watching them stagger, and encouraging them to climb on his head and stand up.
aug2005 004
aug2005 009
aug2005 005
aug2005 006
aug2005 003
aug2005 001


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