My mom was in the driver's seat so I have a witness.
Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tonight we were sitting at the Wendy's drive thru waiting to pay for our salads when this little guy in a Wendy's uniform came skulking up from the side real sneaky like and yelled at the girl inside taking the money. He was really strange acting. He flattened himself against the wall while he waited for her and he acted like we weren't sitting there in the car like 18 inches from him. When she stuck her head out, he swung this bag at her and she grabbed it and snatched it inside the money window. It was a clear plastic bag with 2 raw chickens inside. Then she just took our money like everything was normal. My mom and I looked at each other like, "Am I hallucinating or did he just give her 2 raw chickens?"

Since then I have been trying to imagine the events that prefaced the double raw chicken pass-off. I cannot.


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