How wrong is it...
Wednesday, March 08, 2006 tell your kids that they will get smarter by finishing all of their sodium laden Chef Boyardee ABC's and 123's with Mini-Meatballs?

Things to take into consideration before answering:

A. it wasn't the big can. they were splitting one of the microwave lunch size ones

B. I had to do it b/c they were hyper and not eating and i get worried when they don't eat that they will be malnourished and should i buy some Carnation Boost or Instant Breakfast or baby Ensure ASAP? flintstones vitamins even?

C. it didn't work very long and i had to end up showing them the pink and green funny bath foam Mom bought today to get them to finish so i could give them a bath b4 bible study tonight.

D. there ARE letters and numbers in it.

pps: also opinionate on the subject below this post if you don't mind.


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