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Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 10th people- that's the magic date.

And why is it that everyone who finds out I'm pregnant says "Is it two???" or "How many is it?" Even when I called the doctor's office to make the appointment after I told em my name and the reason I need an appointment the lady (who I don't even know btw) said "Oh! Twins again?!"

Hardy freakin har har woman.

I can't wait to see the heartbeat (singular) and know fer sure that everything is okey dokey.

On to other things...poor poor Scott. The girls give him SUCH a rough time. I know they're jealous of him and we have done everything possible to make them understand they are still loved, they will never lose their mommy, etc. etc. But still they continue. They love him sometimes (rare) tolerate him most of the time and when they want something they call him Daddy. When they are mad at him or he doesn't do things their way they call him Scott. Or they say stuff like "NO I don't want you to carry me I want my mommy to carry me." Thank God he is such a calm tolerant man. Does anyone else have experience with stuff like this? How long does it take for kids to accept a new guy? He really loves them and I feel so horrible when they are mean to him.

Not as sick these days but off and on. The worst is on the way to work every morning I have to drive by this chicken plant and the smell is just soooooooooo gross. I dunno if anyone has ever had the experience to smell this unique odor but it's like rotten guts and dog food mixed together. yummers.


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