how'd ya like to bust yer knuckles on this ?
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

actually i would feel more cloudy than sunny.

um, can you believe people actually used to wash their clothes on these? my mom remembers my grandmom using this when she was a kid. dude, we have it so easy. you should go hug your washing machine.

you can tell how much it was used from the center- it's all shiny and new looking from the constant scrubbing. don't you love the brand- 'sunnyland?' like you're supposed to be all bright and cheery and happy while you're toiling away and sweating. but i guess makers of laundry related products use the same psychology on us modern folks right?


and no AC back then either.

which reminds me, isn't it like totally gross to think back to the days when there was no deodorant, no toothpaste, stuff like that? yucko to the max especially in the summer!

ps haloscan comments are malfunctioning off and on lately. if you click the time below you can make a blogger or an anonymous comment


Blogger Judy said...

yeah, I think we're getting ready to get a whiff of the no a/c life...small issues arise (it ain't pretty!).

10:20 PM


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