your life could be a lot, lot worse than it is.
Friday, August 17, 2007

your living room could look like this.

things could be worse...
click to biggify.
right now i am procrastinatingtaking a break from finishing the first room of my multi-step 'residential enema' plan for this week.

HOW THE HECK DID I ACCUMULATE ALL THIS STUFF? good googly moogly batman. the scariest part is that this is mainly just the stuff i had jammed under a table in my dining room hidden by a long tablecloth. i thought that i would be throwing away/ yardsaling more but i guess i will have to do a second elimination round after everything is emptied out. i'm not even done yet. i'm still going through the amazing amount of crud-ola i have jammed into this sideboard since i moved in here.


the only question is, where will i put everything i have taken out i want to save that can't fit back in the sideboard? i think i will have to leave it out til i finish cleaning the laundry room and then i will maybe, hopefully, have some storage space in there.

see, don't you feel much better about the state of your house now?


Blogger Judy said...

When you're done, come on over here - I have a few closets that would love to see you!

10:36 PM


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