some folks are never satisfied!
Thursday, August 16, 2007

like me, for example.

a long long time ago the girls' godparents (bob and sue) asked if the monkeys could go with them on vacation this year. a week away? sure! i said without hesitation.

i was even okay last week.

but now they're leaving for a whole week? no monkey-ness for 7 days?
none of this?

just try to get a serious photo out of these monkeys.

or this?

found a fwog!

i can feel the panic rising people. how will i survive this long without hearing "MOMMY!!!!" screamed every 30 seconds or more? (i am getting a dollar for every time they say that word, right?)

well, next thursday morning scott and i are leaving travkins with my mom and his mom and we're travelling about 3.5 hours from monkeyville to see a major league baseball game and coming back friday afternoon.

until then, i am planning to occupy myself by going through every room in my house and getting rid of JUNK and CRUD. we're having a townwide yardsale sept 8th and i'm gonna pack up all unnecessary and unused items to get ready. maybe you are a super organized person but i am not and my house is filled with stacks and piles, some of which haven't seen the light of day in many many moons. i am looking forward to what i call a residential enema-( sorry if that imagery grosses you out, but you get the picture.)

i would take some before pictures but then you would see how messy i am and you would feel like you were getting cooties just by reading this blog and you'd never come back again.

since the girls leave at 6am tomorrow i cancelled their speech therapy appointment this afternoon and got a babysitter so we can go to the beach.

what would you do if you had no kids for a week*? or is the concept too foreign to even grasp?

*i say no kids but of course i will still have travis but he's so good he will be happy to sit in his bouncy seat and watch me.
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